Month: September 2015

Your pool’s built, now what? Start up tips

Memphis, TN pool contractors explain what happens after the pool’s built  Your swimming pool has been constructed, but you’re not quite sure if you can hop in and start swimming or not. If it’s been built, you should be able

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Should you renovate your swimming pool?

Advanced Pools, Inc. swimming pool contractors, serving Memphis, TN explain when you should renovate your pool  Hhhmmm, the swimming pool season is slowing down for 2015 and now you’re looking at your pool and wondering, “should you renovate it?” There

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Should I get a saltwater swimming pool?

Advanced Pools, Inc. swimming pool contractors serving Memphis, TN explain salt water pool pros and cons A move toward green living has made its way to the backyard swimming pool in the ways that individuals care for their pools, the

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