There are so many reasons to have your own family swimming pool, not the least of which is how much fun it is! The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee explain there are also 3 healthy reasons to have your own swimming pool, too.

A pool will add to the aesthetics of your home and backyard space. A pool may also increase the resale value of your home and it can certainly contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

3 Healthy Reasons To Have Your Own Swimming Pool

You certainly don’t want to get a pool simply to avoid some of these potential health risks and you don’t want to not swim in a pool when you’re on vacation, but if you can swim in your own pool, wouldn’t you rather?

  1. There is a potential for health risks in a public pool. You certainly hope that a public pool, hotel pool, apartment complex pool or a school swimming pool is properly maintained, but in fact, not all of these commercial pool owners hire experienced pool contractors and the pool may not be as clean and sanitized as you’d hope. If you have an open sore or a compromised immune system you run the risk of infection.
  2. When you swim you work every muscle group in your body. Swimming is an exercise that you can undertake no matter how hot or humid it is outside. Swimming is also an exercise that strengthens your muscles and joints and lungs and enhances your cardiovascular health. It’s the complete exercise package AND it doesn’t feel like exercise and you can swim without fear of injury.
  3. Your own swimming pool means you have a beautiful staycation spot right in your backyard. A staycation means you can come home from a long day at work and relax and kick back. Your family pool makes every weekend feel like a getaway. Your pool is the party hot spot for friends and family and is a great place to build memories.

Enjoy your summer and enjoy your family with your own swimming pool. Give us a call and let’s get your pool started!