As if you need a reason to get into the swimming pool, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care has come up with 3 reasons swimming is great! We know that you and your family and friends can come up with even more, but this will get the conversation started!

Swim season has probably already gotten underway for pool owners in the Memphis, Tennessee area and the pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care want to ensure you have the best swim season – whether you’re a new pool owner or a long-time pool owner.

Here are three quick reasons pools are great.

  1. Kids love them
  2. Adults love htem
  3. They are just plain fun!

3 Reasons Swimming Is Great

When you have a pool, safety needs to be front of mind and that means children should know how to swim. Keep in mind that just because your child can swim, doesn’t mean he or she can be left alone EVER in the pool without adult supervision. Even a child who knows how to swim should consider wearing a life vest as an added safety measure.

Here are 3 more reasons to own a pool.

  1. It’s a great, low to no impact way to get in shape
  2. Swimming provides stress relief and in today’s hectic and challenging times, lowering your blood pressure and relaxing is good for your health
  3. It is a great way and a great place to spend time with your children and build memories that will last a lifetime

Did you know: Swimming burns calories at a rate of about three calories per mile per pound of bodyweight; for example, if you weigh 150 pounds and it takes 30 minutes to swim one mile, you’ll burn about 900 calories in an hour.

Swimming doesn’t even feel like exercise, even when you’re swimming laps! And when you’re swimming you are also relaxing and the psychological benefits cannot be denied.

Are you ready for a pool this year? Give us a call and let’s talk about your project!