Whew! Do you want another summer where you’re sitting in sweltering heat but you can hear your neighbors splashing away in their backyard swimming pool? If your family has been asking for a pool and if you have been considering it, we have 3 ways to cool off in your own pool that just might help you take the plunge!

The swimming pool builders from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, Tennessee work with new pool owners to get the pool of their dreams. We also work with long-time pool owners who want a pool remodeling project or who want to add accessories to the family pool.

Don’t let another summer go by without having your own swimming pool. Your family will thank you and you will thank yourself!

3 Ways To Cool Off In Your Own Pool

Having your own pool will make you cool and will make your yard the summer party hot spot, but consider this, too:

  1. You won’t have to sit in the house with the air conditioner running, staring at a screen. You can get your family, don your suits and have some fun in the pool! There is nothing better than fresh air!
  2. Owning a pool can be a scary thought, but when you work with us for the construction, you can stick with us for the ongoing maintenance and upkeep. You will be able to be cool and be in the pool and leave the work to us.
  3. You can be cool with your family by putting together a budget and sticking to it. Give us a call, tell us your budget and let’s talk about what you can get with what you have set aside to spend. You certainly don’t want to be “pool poor” nor do you want to give up the must-haves that will make your pool truly one you’ve been dreaming about that is now a reality.

Make 2021 the year you are the hero to your family and let’s get talking about your pool project and get construction underway!