You want to get in shape but you don’t want to join the gym or go jogging or ride a bike, right? What can you do to get in shape and healthier right in the comfort of your own backyard? The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Poolcare in Tipton, Tennessee offer tips on the 4 benefits of a swim workout.

If you’re considering getting your own swimming pool constructed, there is no time better than the present — especially if you want to get healthier and live a happier, longer life — give us a call. Exercising in the comfort of your own pool is more convenient than having to trek to a gym. And the pool will be there for use for fun and family times and parties — it is so multi-use, it’s a wonder you don’t have your own yet!

There are advantages to exercising in your pool and we have at least four reasons your next exercise workout should take place right in your own home and in your own pool.

4 Benefits Of A Swim Workout

  1. When you’re in the water working out you have the inherent resistance from simply being in the water. The resistance the water gives makes the workout more of a workout because your entire body is engaged and the water is adding resistance and that helps build muscle strength and endurance.
  2. Because water offers buoyancy, there is no impact on your joints and muscles as there would be if you were running or biking or working out at the gym. When you’re up to your waist in the pool, you will actually “weigh” 50% less than you do on land, if you go chest-deep in the water you can reduce how much you weigh by an additional 25%.
  3. When you think of working out you probably don’t think it will be enjoyable. In the pool it is!
  4. You can swim every day — even several times a day if you wanted to. Because you’re not putting stress on your muscles and joints, you can swim laps several times a day. You can play water volleyball or even run in place or do water aerobics — change it up and work different muscles every time you get in.

Talk with your doctor before you begin any exercise routine. And remember, even if you’re in the water you still need to hydrate regularly during your workout session.