Swimming pool owners in Memphis, Tennessee understand that working with Advanced Pools to take on the tasks of pool maintenance helps them use their free time for fun in the pool, not cleaning and upkeep. Whether you’re a first-time pool owner or have owned a pool for many years, you may wonder, what 4 pool supplies to have at home and we have an answer to that.

You may be able to buy these items from your pool contractor or you can go to a big box and pick them up. Undertaking light pool maintenance between service visits could help save money and will also make between pool service visits more enjoyable.

There are items that may be installed in your pool (like an automatic vacuum system) that will keep your pool clean and the water clear:

4 pool supplies to have at home

  • A water test kit. Ask how to read the results. You can decide whether you want to learn how to add chemicals between visits or you can give us a call and we can make a visit.
  • A net/skimmer. If you don’t use your pool cover as diligently as you should, you may be faced with floating bugs or critters when you go to take a dip. A skimmer will make it easy to rid your water of them.
  • Robotic vacuum. If your pool doesn’t have a built in vacuum system or if you decide you want to vacuum, but don’t want to spend a lot of time on it, a robotic vacuum will make pool cleaning a breeze. These are like indoor automatic vacuums — turn it on, let it go.
  • Pool chemicals. Again, this is something you can talk with us about and you can decide if you want to take on the adding of particular chemicals between visits and we can show you how and also show you how and where to store them properly and safely.

Use a pool cover diligently. A pool cover can help keep children and pets from falling in (if you have a safety cover) and it will also trap heated water, slow the rate of water evaporation and make cleaning easier. Ask us the next time we pay a service visit what you may want to do between service visits and what equipment you need.