At the end of a long day it is relaxing to take a swim at night. Nighttime swimming is an ideal way to enjoy the peace and quiet that occurs once the sun goes down. Night swimming has safety issues you will want to talk with your pool contractor from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee. We have 5 tips for lighting up the pool at night for safe and aesthetically pleasing swimming. LED lighting is economical and adds beauty and safety to the pool for your nighttime swimming enjoyment.

5 Tips For Lighting Up The Pool

Let’s talk about how to light the pool:

  1. Add lights to the walkway and outdoor seating area
  2. Light the deck
  3. Add underwater lighting, especially in the deep end
  4. Add floating lanterns
  5. Ask about remote control lighting

If you live in an area of the country that is blessed with a lot of sunshine, add solar lights.

Pool lighting doesn’t have to be plain; have lights that are color-changing. Lighting enhances the ambiance of the mood and the setting of any nighttime activities. Adding lights to your pool, especially if you have a deep end, adds to the safety in your pool to illuminate the deepest recesses to make it safe.

Lighting adds to the ambiance of a party while enhancing the safety of the pool for everyone swimming. Ask us about the installation of pool lighting either during a new construction project or a stand-alone renovation.