Autumn and winter in Fayette and Shelby Counties in Tennessee may mean you’re not going to be using your swimming pool for a few months. If you have a hot tub though, this is the ideal time to fire it up and sink into its bubbly, warm depths. The hot tub and swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care offer 7 hot tub money-saving tips to keep in mind so you can soak without worry about breaking the bank.

A hot tub or spa is a great place to kick back and relax and relieve stress at the end of the day. On a cold or cooler day, a hot tub is a wonderful space to slip in and let the heated, jetted water alleviate the chill in your bones.

One thing you do want to keep in mind though is… how much will this cost? Am I going to be able to afford to run the hot tub on the off season? We have tips to help keep money in your wallet and stress out of your thoughts.

7 Hot Tub Money-Saving Tips

  1. Program pump and filter cycles to run at night. This is a money-saving measure if your community offers a night rate on electricity.
  2. Consult the owner’s manual – or ask us if there are any “economy” settings to use on your hot tub. If you have this or a standby mode on the controls, lower the temp by ten to 15 degrees when you’re not taking a soak. This will save money but won’t mean you’re running the heat overly long to get the water to a good temp for a soak.
  3. Turn air controls and valves to the off position. These valves and air controls pull outside air into the hot tub and push it through the jets and makes the heater work harder and longer to keep the water at the temperature you’ve chosen.
  4. Always use a solar cover or thermal blanket when you’re not in the hot tub to keep evaporation at bay. These covers also help keep the heat in and the cool air out. If you’re not going to use the hot tub for a long period of time, use a hardcover to truly trap the heat and act as a protective barrier to keep anyone from falling in.
  5. Check the insulation under the hot tub. These aren’t usually insulated on the floor so add a layer of foam board insulation to help address heat loss.
  6. Keep the wind away. Construct a privacy screen or a fence to keep the wind from blowing across your warmed hot tub water and evaporating and cooling it.
  7. Location, location, location. Make certain your hot tub or spa isn’t situated under a downspout as this will not only negatively impact water chemistry but will also cool the water down.  Also under the location category, if there is a south-facing exposure in your yard where you can place the hot tub, it will help tremendously in keeping the water temperatures in line.

Bottom line: Give us a call and let us know if we can help with hot tub maintenance and if you want tips to keep the hot tub running effectively and efficiently.