It is so hot! We’ll bet you’re hearing that already, right? If so and if you’re ready for that first summer pool bash, we have 7 tips for throwing the best pool party this summer. The swimming pool contractors in Memphis, Tennessee from Advanced Pools, Inc. can help keep your pool swim party ready all summer!

They’ve put together a list of the best tips you need to host that first pool party of the year. What better way to greet summer than with a swimming pool party surrounded by friends and family. There is no better way to make memories and kick off summer than with a pool party.

7 tips for throwing the best pool party this summer

Here are tips to make your pool party one everyone will be talking about:

  1. Ask guests to bring towels and bathing suits. If you have extra towels or suits the kids have outgrown, bring them out in case someone forgets theirs!
  2. Don’t forget to have sunblock, beach shoes, hats and sunglasses for those who need and want them.
  3. Plan the menu. Keep it light. Burgers and hots are always a hit. Grill up some veggies. Serve macaroni and potato salad, chips and dip and lots of beverages — adult and non alcoholic.
  4. Have an ample supply of cups, plates, plastic ware and plastic drinking cups. Keep a mop and hose on hand to get rid of any spills. Clean up as soon as they happen to keep bees and ants from attending the party. Make certain you have enough chairs and tables scattered around the swimming pool area for those guests who simply want to enjoy the sun and relax. The swimming pool patio area will see a lot of traffic on the day of your party so you’ll want to be fully prepared.
  5. When you’re planning, set a theme for the music and the decorations! Don’t forget to consider outdoor lighting for when the sun goes down — you don’t want guests to think they have to go home because the sun has gone down.
  6. If your guests have had too much sun and need a place to spend the night, have sleeping bags and places where your guests can spend the night if they want to. If that happens you will want to have breakfast foods on hand.
  7. Have some games ready for the party. Marco Polo and water volleyball or water basketball are always a hit with party goers.

Give us a call if you need a pool cleaning prior to, and immediately following, the pool party.