Did you know that when you bought a swimming pool that it would require ongoing fills of water? You may not, but now that you do own the pool we offer 7 ways to conserve swimming pool water so you don’t have to keep filling it as often. Filling and refilling your pool can get costly the pool contractors from Advanced Poolcare Inc explain. There are many ways to conserve water and consumption for your pool or hot tub.

There are ways to conserve water to make the swimming pool more environmentally friendly and save on your water bills:

7 ways to conserve swimming pool water

  1. The most crucial piece of equipment for your swimming pool is to be diligent in the use of a pool cover. If you don’t use a cover a swimming pool can lose up to an inch of water a week during the warm summer months – this equals close to 7,000 gallons a year! Your pool cover can also conserve heat and lead to savings on heating costs and it can also reduce the need for additional chemical use.
  2. If your pool is leaking, it will obviously lead to water loss. How can you check for leaks? Do the “bucket test” fill a bucket with water, mark the water level in the bucket, place it next to your pool and measure whether the water in the bucket evaporates at the same rate as your pool does. Also, check for damp spots around the pool. If you have loose or cracked tiles, this could be a sign of a leaking pool.
  3. You don’t need to have your pool full to overflowing. Keep the water about an inch above the bottom pool tile. This will help keep water in when swimmers are splashing around.
  4. Lower the temperature on your pool a degree or two – especially in the summer. If you reduce the temperature you lessen the evaporation rate.
  5. Backwash sparingly. When you backwash your filters they use extra water. Keeping the pool and filters clean eliminates the need for frequent backwashing.
  6. Add chlorine when the sun goes down. If you add chlorine in the daytime, the sun quickly dissipates the chlorine.
  7. Use landscaping for water conservation. Strategic planting of trees, shrubbery and fencing or privacy barriers can cut down on evaporation caused by the wind.

Ask us for other tips on water conservation for your family pool.