Swimming pool owners in Memphis, Tennessee know that having a swimming pool of one’s own is the first step in having a staycation right in the backyard. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc have put together a list of 7 ways to make the backyard staycation worthy — and those will amp up the relaxation and fun.

Going on vacation, as you know, is a one or two week adventure and then you come home to reality. When you have a swimming pool, though you have a vacation spot right in the backyard and it is there for your enjoyment and pleasure and family time for months on end.

7 ways to make the backyard staycation worthy

The ways in which you amp up the fun in your backyard are as varied as the lifestyle you and your family lead and the budget you have available for any upgrades and updates to the staycation spot. Here are some of our favorite ways to make the backyard and pool area staycation worthy.

  1. Add an outdoor kitchen. Your kitchen could be as elaborate as one with an oven, gas grill, cooktop range, sink, refrigerator, wine cooler, cupboards to keep plates, cups and utensils close at hand. You can make your outdoor kitchen as much of a space to keep you from having to cook indoors all summer long, or as a way to move most of your outdoor cooking outside.
  2. A gazebo or pergola. These structures provide shade from the sun and protection from rain.
  3. A poolhouse. This can be a structure that houses a space to shower before you and your family and guests get into the pool to a space with a sleeping area, a kitchenette and/or washing machine and dryer.
  4. Fireplace or firepit. Fire features help you extend the time you spend in the outdoors around the pool. Fire features also add beauty as well as comfort to the space and you can even cook marshmallows over them for a delicious s’more!
  5. A splash pad. Children love these water features. A splash pad can be placed next to the swimming pool or in an area away from the pool — your call.
  6. A hot tub. If you don’t have a hot tub or a spa, this can not only amp up the feeling of a staycation space, but can also allow you access to spending time in the water year-round.
  7. In pool water features. Add a diving board or slide or fountains, a rock waterfall or any other number of water features to add to the fun you have in the family pool.

Talk with us if you’re looking for ways to add to the fun you have and the vacation feeling you get even when it’s a weekday and you’ve just gotten home from work!