Save the date! Halloween will be here before you know it! In fact, grocery stores and coffee shops are already selling pumpkin spice treats and drinks! Whether you love pumpkin-flavored foods and drinks, are waiting for the weather to cool off a bit and for the leaves to start falling, now is the time to plan your 2021 Halloween pool party. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, TN have 8 tips for a fun Halloween pool party although you can probably find a lot more, too!

If your pool water is heated you may still be able to spend time in the pool with your guests for your Halloween party! If not, having a backyard, the poolside party is still a great way to enjoy a frightfully fun good time! If you plan to use the pool, schedule a pool cleaning prior to and after the party.

8 tips for a fun Halloween pool party

Go through this checklist and plan your fun party!

  1. Host a costume contest. Let the guests know and you can even choose a theme. Have prizes for the best, the worst, the funniest, the scariest, and have prizes for different age groups.
  2. Plan your spooky Halloween menu. If guest want to bring something — let them! Put your menu together than if someone asks, write it down and plan the rest of the menu so you’re not having five bowls of macaroni salad and no hot dog buns!
  3. Decorate with pumpkins and LED lights. LEDs are safer, especially if there will be people wandering around in costumes.
  4. Set up a pumpkin carving and decorating table. Let the guests decorate and carve and take their masterpiece home. Get some glitter, markers, stick on decorations, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, feathers and more.
  5. Don’t forget the pumpkin flavored treats — pumpkin spice coffee, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, mulled cider with cinnamon sticks. Yummy!
  6. If the pool is open, let the guests know and ask them to bring towels. Whether they bring their own or you offer towels, pop them into the dryer to warm them up — this is a luxury when it’s a bit chilly on an October night.
  7. If the party is on Halloween night, will you stop to take the children trick or treating? Will you have someone to man the door at your house for the trick-or-treaters. Plan ahead for this.
  8. Start planning now so your guests don’t make other plans. Hand deliver your invitations — to make it even more festive, write the invitation on a pumpkin or gourd and they can use it for their autumn decoration!

Call us today and get on the schedule for a pre- and a post-pool party maintenance visit.