Are diving boards safe? It’s a question the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools Care, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee get asked all the time. A diving board can help you get more fun and enjoy the swimming pool in a different way, but you need to ensure it is used safely and responsibly all the time because if it is improperly used it can cause serious injury.

Getting a diving board is a personal choice that requires you to not only consider its potential safety impacts, but you also need to have a pool that is long, wide and deep enough to accommodate a diving board because there are regulations for installation.

Diving boards can be installed when you first have your pool constructed or you can have one added at any time. Diving boards are certainly fun, but they do pose safety risks. If you have us install a diving board we will inspect it for safety during our regular pool maintenance visits.

Are diving boards safe?

Here are a few tips to ensure your diving board is always used safely and responsibly:

  • Only one person at a on the diving board
  • The pool has to be deep and wide enough to accommodate a diving board
  • Never dive alone
  • If someone is using the diving board no one should be under it or in front of it
  • Buy a diving board that can accommodate the heaviest person who will use it
  • Ban back flips
  • Enforce a no running on the diving board rule
  • If you’re having a pool party, make the diving board off limits
  • Make sure anyone who uses the diving board knows to keep their hands above their heads when they go into the water

You can have a diving board added by a pool contractor in less than a day and your pool won’t be out of commission. If you think you want a diving board give us a call so we can inspect your pool for its suitability for a diving board.