Advanced Pool Care, Inc. swimming pool contractors offer backyard fun tips 

Owning a swimming pool means that once winter is over and summer is upon us you will not want to spend much time indoors, right? Even though you own a pool chances are you won’t be spending all of your waking hours in the water and this means you will want to talk with your swimming pool contractor from Advanced Pool Care about what you can do to not only add to the fun in the pool, but in the backyard itself.

What can you do for fun both in, and out of the pool? Here are a few suggestions: swimming pool

  • Plant a fairy garden. These tiny gardens fit into shallow flat pots and are ideal for both the green thumb and the non green thumb members of your family. Choose little plants from a garden shop or grow your own, go on a scavenger hunt for moss or other plants, add them to the planter along with tiny gnome or fairy figurines and place them around your swimming pool and watch them flourish. Don’t put them too close to the water’s edge, you don’t want them falling into the pool!
  • Plan a backyard campout. Either pitch a tent or set up blanket tents and spend the night under the stars.
  • Furniture choices are abundant for poolside relaxation. There are reading lounge chairs that look like massage chairs that allow you to rest your face in the cut out hole and hold your book beneath you to read. If you have a lot of outdoor items that need storage, but have a lack of storage space, look for outdoor furniture that is both comfortable and storage friendly.
  • Invest in a floating ping pong set, a volleyball net or basketball hoop.
  • An outdoor fire pit is great if they’re allowed in the area of the country in which you live. If they aren’t that doesn’t mean you can’t have a glass enclosed outdoor fire pit constructed. This design gives you all of the fun of a fire without any of the hazards.

Ask your pool contractor for advice on what you can do to amp up the fun in and around your pool this summer season.