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Common swimming pool service issues

Does your family want a diving board?

Advanced Pools, Inc. swimming pool service contractors help their customers’ swimming pools clean and the water clear and always swimmable. There are some common swimming pool service issues that can arise between pool service visits or if you are a

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How to plan a graduation swimming pool party

¬†School’s out! No more early mornings for you. No more homework for them (well, until college!). It may seem like graduation was never going to come but now that it’s here how will you and your graduate celebrate? Why not

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How to get mold off a hot tub cover

How to get mold off a hot tub cover

Let’s face it. The hot tub and swimming pool cover are exposed to water all of the time. It would stand re reason they might get moldy, right? The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee explain

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