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5 swimming pool upgrades to consider this year

Small yard, no problem: You can still get a pool

You certainly don’t want to give up precious swimming time this summer, but if you have been thinking about a swimming pool upgrade, here are 5 swimming pool upgrades to consider this year. A home renovation might turn into a

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Renovate your pool on the off-season

How to clean a pool pump basket

Swimming pools require maintenance upkeep just as any other much-loved and much-used structure in your home. You should renovate your pool on the off-season, if it needs it, so you’re not losing any valuable swim time when the next summer

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How to plan a pool renovation project

Will your insurance get cancelled if you get a swimming pool?

Swimming pool owners know that having a pool of one’s own is an ideal way to spend time with friends and family during the summer and long into the season if you have a pool heater. There will come a

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