If you’re looking for a long-lasting beautiful in ground pool that can be constructed in almost any shape that your mind can conjure, your pool contractor will explain that gunite aka concrete is the way to go. Concrete can determine the shape of the swimming pool rather than having to rely on the shape of a fiberglass shell.

With a gunite swimming pool your contractor will dig the hole in the shape you’ve agreed upon, steel rebar will be laid in the hole and then concrete will then be sprayed over the rebar to form the floor and walls. Once this has been complete, your pool contractor will install the plumbing and electrical; in a swimming pool project, everything is grounded so that electricity flows to the ground and away from the pool and its users.

The spraying of the concrete is a gradual process as the walls are built up with each spray and are then smoothed before the next layer is installed. After your contractor has sprayed all of the concrete he will install the coping; coping is the ring around the top of the pool that makes for a smooth transition from the pool walls to the pool deck. You will need to choose not only the material you want to use for the coping, but the colors as well.

You may be surprised to see that your pool contractor will begin filling the pool before the plaster has completely dried because curing occurs under water. The filling of the pool will be a delicate operation tough because your contractor will need to make sure the flow of water doesn’t mar any of the pool finish (a stream of water that is too powerful could do just that)

Once the pool has been filled and the chemicals balanced, it will then be “everyone into the pool!