Advanced Pools, Inc. swimming pool service contractors help their customers’ swimming pools clean and the water clear and always swimmable. There are some common swimming pool service issues that can arise between pool service visits or if you are a DIYer of your pool cleaning.

Owning a swimming pool is a major undertaking in time and effort and requires skill and some level of expertise to assure the water is clean and clear. There are myriad items that can lead to green, murky water and it can be as simple as one chemical being out of balance.

When you grab your towel and you dash toward the pool, you certainly don’t want to be faced with chores, right? You want to swim. You want to entertain friends and family. You want to relax poolside, not spend your precious free time cleaning the pool! That’s why many pool owners hire an experienced contractor to take on the maintenance chores.

 Common swimming pool service issues

What are some issues that could lead to your pool water being green or murky or cloudy? Here are a few:

1. The water circulation. A dirty pool filter means it is not able to filter out contaminants and that leads to dirty water being circulated back into the pool. If the water is dirty, check the pool filter. Clean it if necessary or replace it.

2. Test the water chemistry. This should be the first thing you do if the water is cloudy. A test of the water may immediately let you know which chemical is out of balance. If you understand the chemistry and balancing you could add the necessary chemicals to bring it back in line. If not, call us and we can help.

3. Check the pool pump basket. When is the last time that was cleaned? It’s easy to lift out the pool pump basket and clean out any debris. If the basket is broken or clogged with debris, the water will be dirty.

4. When was the last pool cleaning? If you clean the pool yourself, do you remember when you thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed it last? If you work with a pool contractor, when was he last out? Working with a contractor assures he will be there on specific days to clean the pool and you don’t have to wonder when you’ve cleaned it last.

5. Is it algae?  It could be that the pool water is cloudy because it’s dirty. If it’s algae the water will be black, or green or brown from the algae spores. When you get algae growth in your poo, it may require the services of a pool contractor to clear it up. Before you worry that your pool is filled with algae, test the water or give us a call to check it, test it and clean it for you.

Many pool owners have found it is less expensive for them to hire a pool contractor ( and certainly frees up their time!) than to clean and maintain the pool on their own. If you’re still doing it yourself, give us a call and we can give you an estimate so you can determine if it’s less expensive for us to take on that chore. It will certainly free up your precious free time for swimming and not for pool maintenance.