Do you have swimmer’s ear?

When you’re an avid and regular swimmer you’re getting a healthy body, but you may wonder, “do you have swimmer’s ear? Swimmers who suffer ears that feel itchy inside and ears that are red or draining, you may have swimmer’s ear.

Swimmer’s ear is an infection of the outside of your ear — the skin of the ear canal. This is unlike an inner ear infection. If you swim frequently and don’t dry your ears out well, the skin inside your ear gets wet and can stay wet. A wet, warm, dark space is an ideal spot for bacteria and germs to grow.

Children are more likely to get swimmer’s ear than adults, but adults can get it as well.

Do you have swimmer’s ear?

There are ways to prevent swimmer’s ear and here are a few:

Swim in clean water. Water that is bacteria-filled is an ear infection waiting to happen. Work with your swimming pool contractor from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee to assure your pool water is clean and bacteria-free.

Keep water out of your ears. This seems like common sense, but if you swim a lot and don’t wear a swim cap, water will get into your ears. You can wear a swim cap or swimmer’s ear plugs to keep water out of your ears.

Ear wax is your friend! The wax in your ears not only lubricates your ears, but it traps particles and helps keep bacteria from getting to the inner ear. Don’t be so diligent in cleaning out the ear wax. Also, never put a cotton swab into your ear canal.

Dry your ears. When you get out of the swimming pool, dry your ears thoroughly. This is good advice whether you’re swimming or showering. When your ears are dry there isn’t much of a chance for bacteria to grow and infections to start.

Talk to your doctor. If you’re prone to ear infections and swimmer’s ear ask your doctor if there are ear drops or ear wash solutions you should use to help prevent infection.

Enjoy swimming… just remember to dry your ears!

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