Have you been looking at your swimming pool and wondering if it could be more fun? Do you want a diving board or slide to make your pool more fun for the family? During the coronavirus pandemic the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools in Memphis, Tennessee have been working with pool owners to have these accessories installed in existing pools and in new construction.

A diving board or a slide is definitely fun BUT you need to be aware of the dangers and have to institute rules for the use of them.

Ask us whether your pool is constructed in such a way that it can accommodate a pool and you also need to see if your insurance agent and the municipality you’re living in will allow for a diving board or slide.

Typically to accommodate a diving board the pool must be at least eight and a half feet deep, 28 feet long and 15 feet wide. Dimensions for slides vary depending on the height of the slide. A rule of thumb is that the higher the slide, the deeper the water must be.

Do you want a diving board or slide?

Slide installation is simple but should be installed by a swimming pool professional and should be checked frequently to assure the bolts are securely fashioned.

Diving boards are made of wood for flexibility and are typically coated with fiberglass to make them water-resistant. The diving board should have a nonskid surface (similar to walking on sandpaper) for safety sake.

If you’re looking at a way to amp up the fun in your pool, talk with us about the installation and we will let you know what the steps are to begin the process of adding this accessory. We can also give you diving board and pool slide safety tips that you can implement with your friends and family.