How many months a year do you and your family use your family swimming pool? Do you wish you could open it sooner or close it later? Does it make sense to add a pool water heater? If you want to get more pool time out of the pool then a water heater could be one of the best investments you make.

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee can work with you to see if a pool heater makes sense, which type and what your budget is to have one installed and what you want to pay to keep the water heated.

Whether you’re heating an inground or above ground pool you want to look for a pool water heater that:

  1. Fits into your budget
  2. Offers type of fuel you want to use
  3. Is energy efficient
  4. Has a great warranty
  5. Is one your pool contractor can service if need be

 Does it make sense to add a pool water heater?

The amount of energy your pool water heater consumes will add to your family’s bottom line energy bills. Talk with us to find the most efficient pool heater for the size and shape of the pool and see how that will fit into your utility bill budget. Some pool owners find that the cost of both the heater and ongoing heating isn’t worth the additional month or two of swim time — it is a personal choice, for sure.

Comparison shop and buy the right pool heater for your lifestyle and needs. If you opt for a pool heater, we bet you will be glad you did because you will get more use out of the pool every year and that’s great especially if you don’t have a hot tub to spend time in during the cooler months.