With everything you need to remember and think about when you’re going to become a swimming pool owner, did you ever think about your homeowner’s insurance policy? Will your current policy cover you in the event of an accident or loss if someone gets hurt? Will your policy cover the pool in the event it gets damaged and needs to be repaired? Does your insurance policy cover a pool? You need to know.

Before, or at the same time you’re talking with your pool contractor from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, TN you will want to give your insurance agent a call to ensure you will still have coverage. You don’t want to get a swimming pool only to find your homeowner’s insurance policy will be canceled.

Some insurance companies exclude coverage for swimming pools or they will require you to invest in additional liability coverage. You need to know the inclusions and exclusions before you sign a pool contract on the dotted line.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover A Pool?

We do recommend calling your insurance agent as part of the research you do as part of your due diligence as part of a potential swimming pool construction project. If you discover your current insurance policy will not cover you if you invest in a swimming pool, talk with your insurance agent for advice or ask us as we can help you answer any questions your agent may have about your pool construction project.

Give us a call if you have any questions about a pool project for summer 2023. A swimming pool is an ideal addition to your home and family life. There is nothing like jumping into the pool and having a staycation every weekend! Your pool will be a great way to build memories with friends and family and is a great place to get in shape!