Swimming pools will require ongoing maintenance and at some point they may require a deeper service like an acid wash. Does your pool need to be acid washed? That is something you can ask the swimming pool service contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc in Memphis, TN when they pay a service visit to your home and your pool.

Sometimes you can tell if your pool needs to be “freshened up.” If it looks dingy, stained or unappealing, an acid wash could breath new life back into the pool. An acid or chlorine wash is a relatively small project your pool contractor can undertake and it can make your pool look as good as new.

A pool that has become covered in algae may require an acid wash to remove the slight tinge of green or brown or yellow from the mold. A chlorine wash is a preventative measure undertaken for the health of your pool and your swimmers. A chlorine wash, which should be done every couple of years, helps keep the pool’s mineral levels at normal ranges.

Does your pool need to be acid washed?

Hard water or when the water hardness levels exceed 700-800 parts per million, you run the risk of calcium deposits building up and clogging the filters, pipes and filtration system. This will negatively impact the pool’s equipment efficiency. It is extremely difficult to reduce and remove calcium hardness without draining the swimming pool.

Chlorine washing the pool will restore it to the look of a newly installed pool without a huge dent in your wallet.

There are times when your pool contractor may need to drain some of the water to clean the upper levels of concrete and tiles. Your swimming pool builder uses muriatic acid and begins the task by pouring the acid down the walls and into the bottom of the pool. He will acid wash the pool one section at a time until the entire pool has been washed.

An acid wash, much like a chlorine wash, will remove organic stains, metallic stains and calcium deposits.  Unlike a chlorine wash, an acid wash will remove a thin layer of the pool plaster. This isn’t a process that needs to happen too often, but we will let you know if we think your pool could benefit from it or you can ask us if you think your pool needs to be refreshed.