Advanced Pool Care explain heat pump technology and how to extend swim season by adding a pool heater. When summer is in full swing, no one is thinking about the need for a pool heater. That certainly makes sense, the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care  understand, but they know that this is the time of year when summer is winding down and you don’t want to close the pool.

How can you extend the swim season? You can certainly do that by having a swimming pool heater installed. We believe in heat pumps because in out area of teh country, the water will likely remain warm enough that a heat pump can do the job.

Extend swim season by adding a pool heater

No one wants to jump into pool water that takes their breath away because the water is uncomfortably cold. Using a heat pump extends the swim time for your pool by up to a few months — or more — depending on how warm the ambient air is.

It will probably take a bit of playing with in order to get the “perfect” water temperature, but we’ll bet your family will agree that a pool that’s able to be used for a few more months is worth a degree or two!

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump doesn’t heat water in the traditional way — the way propane, an electric heater or a natural gas heater would. A heat pump draws in ambient air and transfers it to the water. The water is pulled through the pump and it is then pushed back into the water — warmed. One of the issues with ambient air technology is that if the ambient air isn’t warm (or semi-warm) it may not have enough warmth to heat the pool water. For this reason, a heat pump won’t be useful if you live in a climate with sub zero air temperatures.

A heat pump is 50 to 75% more energy efficient than traditional heaters.

What happens during a heat pump installation? 

  • There will be a thermostat to control the water temp
  • The air handler circulatse air throughout the system
  • The heat pump is the heart of the system that pulls in ambient air and pushes it back into the pool
  • The air cleaner filtration system that will filter out dirt, debris and other impurities from the air
  • The heat pump will be connected, you will be given a “lesson” on how it operates and then you will be on your way to heated pool water and a longer pool season!

 Ask us if you’re looking for ways to extend your swimming pool season.