Get a pool house in 2019

Should you get a pool house in 2019? If you’re even considering it, now is the time to pick up the phone and talk with the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee. Your pool contractor can help you determine:

    1. Where it could go
    2. What amenities it will have in it
    3. Help you obtain building permits
    4. Help design it in a way that accents, not detracts from your pool
    5. How much it will cost

A pool house is considered by many to be an amazing amenity. A pool house will also enhance the functionality of the swimming pool area and could even double as guest quarters.

Your pool house could be functional and only allow for changing into and out of your swim suits. It could be enhanced to house a washer and dryer and further enhanced to accommodate a kitchen, sleeping area and even an eat-in kitchen. The sky — and your budget — are the limit. 

A pool house isn’t necessary, but pool owners who have had one constructed wonder how they lived without it! They also say it was well worth the investment.

Get a pool house in 2019

What will you use the pool house for? Storage, a place to shower and change, or an extension of your home or more.

The pool house can be constructed to mimic the style of your home or it can set the pool area apart as an entirely different entity if you’re looking for a way to separate the pool and outdoor living area from your home. A pool house can look like just that — a house — or it can be constructed to look like a cabana or a colorful lean-to style. What atmosphere are you trying to convey with your pool house and outdoor living space?

If you want the pool house to be a changing-only area you may still want to install a shower or a bathroom to keep wet children and adults from tracking water into the house. If you’re going to plumb the area, a washer and dryer are the next option to add into the unit.

Ask friends with pool houses what they have in theirs, what they wish they had in it and what they now know they could do without. Do your research before you begin the pool house project of your dreams!

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