Going away for the holidays? Set a timer

Going away for the holidays? Set a timer to make swimming pool care easy and worry-free. When you add timers to your pool, you can have the pool pump and filter run off of it and that means it will turn on, and turn off, at preset times and you won’t have to worry whether you’ve turned it on and/or off. You can add automation to your swimming pool in the form of a swimming pool cleaning and vacuum system.

Going away for the holidays? Set a timer

When you add a timer you add convenience and assure that your pool will be cared for while you’re away. Work with the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee to add timers and automation to your pool maintenance procedures.

Automation is ideal when you’re vacationing and even when you’re home. How many times have you wondered, “Did I run the pump and filter?” or “Did I turn off the pump and filter?” Many items can be run remotely and can help keep the pool water clean and clearn.

We’re sure you’re aware that automation can also turn the pool heater on and off and turn on the heater and jets in your hot tub so it’s ready and waiting for you when you need its relaxing warmth.┬áimes. Run the cleaning cleaning cycles overnight to reap the benefits of lower cost electricity. Run the pump and heater while you’re at work to assure the chemicals have been distributed so you can swim when you get home.

Use automation to turn on the pool lights or fountains.

Timers are typically equipped with electronic settings and digital read outs. Timers are energy efficient as well and only consume a small amount of electricity. Timers you will use in the pool are waterproof and are safe to have around the pool and hot tub.

If you want to add automation and timers and even remote controlled operation to your swimming pool give us a call and let’s get your pool equipped so you can take your vacations this holiday season with no stress around running your pool equipment while you’re gone.

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