Host a New Year’s Eve Twilight Party

Have you ever though to host a New Year’s Eve twilight party? If the weather cooperates you can invite your guests to join you poolside or in the family hot tub once the sun has gone down. Watching the twinkling of the stars and the twinkling of the lights you’ve placed around your outdoor living space is certainly a great way to set the mood for the new year.

Consider starting a new tradition this year and gathering all of your friends and family under a starlit sky by poolside and relax and kick back and ring in the new year. 

Host a New Year’s Eve Twilight Party

Advanced Pools, Inc. swimming pool contractors in Memphis, Tennessee know that the weather this time of year can be welcoming to an outdoor pool party or it can be iffy, at best. If the weather forecast sounds like it will cooperate, you may want to plan the outdoor party with the house as your back up plan if it rains.

Even if you have closed your pool for the season, you can still gather on the pool deck and in the outdoor living space to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019. If you have a hot tub, tell your guests to bring a bathing suit and join you in the hot tub. Just make sure you’ve scheduled a hot tub maintenance visit to assure the water is ready for your guests — you may want to plan a cleaning visit by us after the party as well.

Set the party mood

To set the mood for the party send out invitations cut in the shape of moons or stars or 2019 or fill envelopes with glitter pieces in the shapes of stars and moons, numbers and champagne glasses.

Set up the pool area and string twinkle lights around the entire space. Light candles for the outdoor tables or use LED candles for safety’s sake. Toss some of the moons, stars, numbers and glittery champagne glasses on the tables. If the pool is still uncoverd, add some colored floating candles to help light the night and set the mood.  

Serve hors d’ouevres in place of a full sit down meal. Many appetizers can be prepared a day before and refrigerated and all you have to do the day of the party is pop them in the oven. Add some chips, dip, salsa, homemade guac or other other favorite finger foods, cheese and crackers.

Plan party games for the adults and for the children if the party guests have brought along the family. You can have adult and children’s gaming tables.

Place the seating around the outdoor fire pit or rent or buy outdoor poolside heaters to take the chill off the night. Make sure you have blankets available for those who are chilly.

You may want to consider showing a movie or two for those guests who simply want to kick back and relax until the ball drops and the new year is officially welcomed in. Choose movies that are appropriate for all ages. If you show movies, set up a “concession stand” next to the pool where your guests can pick up a box of popcorn or some bite sized candy bars or other movie food items.

Let your guests watch movie on blankets scattered around the pool, in chairs or even on rafts in the pool — if it’s warm enough, or from the hot tub.

If you’re serving adult beverages, make sure you have a place for anyone who has been drinking to spend the night. If you’re planning on overnight guests, whip up a quiche or two and refrigerate. You can pop them in the oven in the morning for a quick breakfast for all the guests who have stayed.

When it closes in on midnight, turn on the television, gather round and join in the count down. Happy New Year!

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