The swimming pool is done. The pool contractors and builders from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee have started moving their equipment out and finishing up the yard work, so you’re wondering, how long before we can swim in the new pool?

We don’t blame you for wondering! It’s been a long haul and you’re anxious to get in, right?

Just because the pool construction is done and the water is in, doesn’t mean it’s quite ready for you and your family to don suits and jump right in. It’s not yet time to gather friends and family and yell, “everyone into the pool!” There still might be a few “still under construction” issues your pool contractor will be wrapping up.

How long before we can swim in the new pool?

What are those steps, what are you waiting for and when can you jump in and plan your first pool party?

  • As mentioned, there will be water in the pool BUT that doesn’t mean it’s ready to swim in. The water, whether from a hose at your home or trucked in, will need to be treated to get it swim ready. Remember, too if you fill the pool from a hose it could take up to 36 hours! Once the pool is filled, chemicals will need to be added, tested and filtered throughout.
  • All pool construction dust needs to be cleared out of the pool and the pump and filter. Plaster dust can damage the pool’s integrity and make the sides and bottom rough to the touch.
  • The pool pump and filter will remove debris from the water, but don’t address bacteria — that is what the pool chemicals are for. The pool pump and filter will need to be run for 48 hours — or longer to assure the water has circulated throughout the pump and filter several times.
  • Regular monitoring and testing of the pool water chemistry is crucial throughout the life of the pool but especially in the beginning stages of the pool set up.

Your family swimming pool will be a structure worth waiting for. You may be tempted to rush your pool contractor, but don’t. Let him do what needs to be done so your pool lasts a lifetime.