Oh my aching back! If you have back pain — whether it’s an ongoing issue or if you just hurt it because you were lifting something you shouldn’t have, if you have access to a pool you can swim away that pain. If you have ever wondered how swimming helps back pain, the swimming pool contractors in Atoka, Tennessee at Advanced Pools, Inc. have some insight.

When you have back pain, it typically gets worse if you just sit around, but if your back hurts you certainly don’t feel like getting up and exercising in order to help keep from stiffening up. It’s a tough choice, but if you ease yourself into a swimming pool, you may just see relief from back pain.

Relief can be found in swimming and it can ease pain and some symptoms of back-related issues and aching, tenderness and twinges. If swimming a few laps or even running or walking in place could help you get your life back and gain range of motion, then we urge you to don your swimsuit and get into the pool!

Gentle stretching, massages and other remedies can help with back pain and could help increase range of motion. Swimming can help do the same and also strengthen your heart and lungs and could help go a long way in alleviating long-term pain. You don’t have to swim racing laps, a simple slow swim from end to end or walking side to side will help your back pain.

How Swimming Helps Back Pain

The way water swimming works to alleviate pain and pressure is because the buoyancy the water brings to your body and makes you feel like you are lighter than air helps you exercise without putting stress or strain on your already aching joints. As mentioned, swimming helps with back pain but it can also:

  1. Improve circulation
  2. Enhances lung capacity
  3. Strengthens your heart
  4. Gives you a full-body workout
  5. Strengthens core muscles which could lead to less back pain.

Ask your doctor if swimming could ease your back pain, and when you swim, don’t ever go in alone in case you have a back spasm and that could make it hard to get out of the water. Don’t swim if you’re taking muscle relaxers for your back pain or other medications that could make you sleepy.

Plan for short swim sessions and remember, you’re not in a race. Try swimming every other day and work up to more frequent and longer swim sessions. You just might lose weight with your new active swim routine.

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