Don’t let your swimming pool project become fraught with stress. When you work with one of the swimming pool professionals from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, TN they will tell you how to avoid pool construction mistakes so you get the pool of your dreams with as little stress as possible.

The pool project should be as enjoyable as possible. It should be as enjoyable as the times you and your family spend together in the pool. When you’re working with an experienced pool contractor you can pretty much rest assured you won’t encounter pool mistakes.

How to avoid pool construction mistakes

Here are some tips to help you avoid pre-construction pitfalls:

  • In addition to price, there are myriad other considerations for your pool project. Compare estimates apples-to-apples. If there are discrepancies, ask both contractors to explain. You can share the information, even if you don’t share the other contractor’s name.
  • You don’t want to skimp on quality and energy efficiency in pool equipment. The money you spend on quality equipment will save you money over the long term.
  • Consider getting three estimates. Don’t gather a dozen or stop at one. You need a range to compare, but don’t burden yourself with getting to many or you will be frozen in place with indecision.
  • Find a contractor who is responsive to your needs before the project starts. If he doesn’t get back to you in a timely fashion before you hire him, he may not get back to you after you’ve hired him.
  • Ask for referrals for pool contractors. Research the contractor’s past projects and talk with his current and former customers.

A swimming pool project can cost upwards of six figures and because of this, you need to do your homework and get the pool of your dreams. This all begins with finding a pool contractor you feel comfortable with and who answers your questions and helps you get the pool of your dreams with the budget you have available.