Many people think that hot tubs are not and cannot be environmentally-friendly, but you can take steps to make it more show. How to be more eco-friendly with your hot tub and its operations are something the hot tub contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, Tennessee talk with their customers about all the time.

How to be more eco-friendly with your hot tub

We have put together this list of ways to run a hot tub that is better for the environment.

  1. Insulate it as much as possible. Before you buy a hot tub or spa, ask what the insulation rating is in the cabinet around the hot tub. The better insulated it is, the better it will hold the heat. If you’re going to have it outdoors and you live in a cold area of the country, insulate the additional casing or construction you’re going to have around the hot tub. y friendly, ask how much insulation your spa has. One way to save both money and the environment is to trap as much heat as you can inside the structure. You will want to make certain any hot tub you purchase has an R-factor of at least 40. Ask your dealer how the hot tub manufacturer measures their shell insulation.
  2. Covers are a hot tub’s best friend. The purchase of a hot tub should have coincided with the purchase of a hot tub cover. These necessities keep anyone from falling in and they also trap the heated water and keep out dirt and debris — it’s a win all around.
  3. Variable speed pumps are great for keeping the water circulating BUT not always at top speed. A variable speed pump will work harder and faster when it needs to and at a slower rate when it is just circulating water. Variable speed pumps can also help save on electric bills.
  4. The hot tub water can be recycled and used to irrigate your lawn. If you change the hot tub water every three months — as recommended — if you stop using chemicals three days prior, you can use the water to irrigate the yard.
  5. Lower the temp a degree or two and turn it down when you’re not using it.  If you’re not going to use the hot tub for a few days, lower the temperature byt five or even ten degrees. This will save money and save on the evaporation of the water. Also, when you’re using the hot tub, drop the temp by a degree or two — you may not notice the difference, but you utility bills will thank you.

Talk with us about green options for operating the hot tub. They can help save money and be more friendly to the environment.