How to buy a hot tub: Buying guide tips

Is a hot tub on your holiday shopping list? Memphis, Tennessee swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. offer this “how to buy a hot tub: buying guide tips” to help you make certain you’re getting exactly what you want for your family.

Do you want a hot tub or spa this season? Has a hot tub been on your dream or wish list for sometime now and since winter has settled in you’re missing out on spending time in the water with friends and family. Time spent in a hot tub is an ideal way to while away the cooler winter months.

How to buy a hot tub: Buying guide tips

A hot bu is an investment you and your family will use year-round; especially in the cooler months when many hot tub owners seem to get the most use out of the hot tub. Grab a glass of wine or a glass of ice cold water, slip into the soothing, warm waters and therapeutic jets and take the chill out of your bones and relax away your stresses.

What should you consider before getting a hot tub? Questions to ask a hot tub contractor: 

  • What style will you want and what type of housing will you want the hot tub fitted into? OR… will you want your hot tub incorporated into your swimming pool?
  • What shape and what size hot tub do you want? Consider how many people will be using the hot tub or spa at a time — on a regular basis — and invest in a hot tub that can accommodate that number.
  • Who will care for the hot tub water? It will need to be treated and maintained the same way your swimming pool water does. You can certainly do it yourself, but do you want to? Talk with your swimming pool contractor and get an estimate for hot tub maintenance.
  • Where will the hot tub be? Do you have a secluded area of your yard where it can go? Do you have a deck next to the house or swimming pool it can be placed?
  • After you’ve considered where you may want to place the hot tub, you will want to consider the plumbing and electrical set up and the degree of difficulty of running water and electric to that site.
  • Know your budget before you go hot tub shopping. Don’t skimp on quality of the hot tub or its equipment because it will be a long-term investment.
  • Budget for your hot tub’s cover during the shopping process — don’t let this item be an afterthought.
  • What type of jets do you want? Therapeutic? For relaxation? A combination? Where do you want the jets placed? Plan to get into the water when you’re hot tub shopping and get a feel for the various types of jets.
  • Do you want padded or fiberglass benches?
  • What kind of accessories will you want for your hot tub? A weather resistant television and entertainment system? Heated towel rack?

Do your research. Talk with your trusted swimming pool contractor. Take your time and buy the hot tub of your dreams.

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