Advanced Pools, Inc. swimming pool contractors in Memphis, Tennessee explain that an indoor swimming pool is a luxury, but you need to know how to care for an indoor swimming pool. There are unique issues with indoors pools, humidity being one of the major ones.

Is your home large enough to accommodate an indoor swimming pool? Are you considering adding a room onto the house in order to construct your swimming ool in that room? With an indoor swimming pool you can swim year-round and that is a big thing if you live in an area of the country that has limited swimming pool access because of poor weather or a short swim season.

With an outdoor swimming pool, heat loss leads to humidity and most heat loss from a pool stems from surface evaporation, this heat and water loss is diminished with an indoor swimming pool. Even if you have an indoor pool you should still be diligent in the use of a swimming pool cover because it will help eliminate water evaporation. Also, when you have an indoor pool, keep the temperature in the room that houses the pool on the cooler side to help eliminate some of the humidity issues.

How to care for an indoor swimming pool

Here are tips for indoor pool owners:

  1. Humidity is an issue and you will want to invest in a high quality dehumidifier designed for indoor swimming pool rooms.
  2. Look for a dehumidifier featuring humidity control adjustment options. Ask your pool contractor for advice on the correct humidity setting
  3. Air movement is important in a room with an indoor swimming pool. Ceiling fans or oscillating floor fans help with circulation
  4. Decide on a water temperature, if you’re going to heat the water. Keep in mind that each degree of temperature you add to the pool water will increase your electric bill by 10%.
  5. Don’t use a swimming pool pump that is too big for your pool. Bigger isn’t better and will cost you more to operate the pool than is necessary

Talk with us if you decide to have an indoor swimming pool constructed this year.