Swimming pool ladders are a fact of life for pool owners unless you have the yard space to put in a beach entry. If you have a pool ladder you need to know how to care for the pool ladder and the pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care professionals in Memphis, TN explains how.

When you are in the construction phase for the pool project you will need to decide how you will get into and out of the pool. Chances are you don’t want to have to heave yourself out of the pool by the side of the pool, right? Of course not! You will want:

  1. Free floating ladder
  2. Pool steps
  3. Beach entry.

The installation of a ladder is one of those decisions you will make during the construction conversation phase. The reason is you need to know where it will go, will it impede your forward motion and what kind do you want? You will also need to decide whether the ladder makes sense if there is someone in the house with mobility issues.

How to care for the pool ladder

Here are a few items your pool contractor will check when he pays a service visit because he will inspect the various components and equipment in your pool.

  1. Clean the ladder cups. The cups are what stabilize the ladder and connect it to the deck.
  2. Ensure the ladder is fully seated into the ladder cup and that the wedge around the ladder is also intact.
  3. He will test the integrity of the ladder to ensure it isn’t floating and that it isn’t rusted or damaged.
  4. The ladder steps will be cleaned thoroughly because algae is always looking for a place to take hold and ladder steps and rungs are an ideal space
  5. The handrails will be tested to ensure they are not rusted and that they are solid

Pool ladders, because they are the main means of egress and ingress need to be inspected and taken care of to ensure no one gets injured getting into and out of the pool. Here’s to a great and safe pool summer!