How to choose hot tub jets

The choice of the family hot tub is one that will require you to don a bathing suit and take a plunge into a hot tub at your hot tub contractor’s showroom. The hot tub and swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee say sitting in the hot tub is how to choose hot tub jets.

It is all well and good to know that “X” type of hot tub jet feels a certain way, but there is nothing better that sitting in a hot tub and feeling “X” type of jet on your back. There is more to choosing a hot tub for your family than choosing its shape, size and location.

Shape, size and location do matter as does the material to house the hot tub, but it’s the jets that will bring the most relief when you’re soaking.

How to choose hot tub jets

The jet styles in a hot tub determine the force with which the water jets out, the area of space it will provide relief on your skin and the motion of the water in the hot tub overall. There are also different jets that bring various styles of massaging effects and impacts. Whether you want a hot tub for relaxation or one for therapeutic benefits or both, sitting in a hot tub and testing out the jets needs to be part of the shopping experience.

Here is information on the various types of jets available:

  • Air  – A constant steam of bubbles. Air jets provide a soothing, all over massage. They are the lightest of pressure and are what are typically used when you want your hot tub for relaxation.
  • Mini  – Intense, precisely targeted jets used to treat specific aching or trouble areas on your body. You can get a hot tub with mini jets clustered together to provide a strong therapeutic effect.
  • Oscillating  – You feel a wave-like motion and oscillating jets deliver a stream offering relief from back aches.
  • Pulsating  – A stream of water to dig down deep into your muscles and tissues is what pulsating jets provide. This style can be used in conjunction with spiral or rotating jets.
  • Swirl  – A gentle massage action and with this style you may have the choice of adjusting water pressure from the jets. They rotate and provide relief from direct flow jets and cover more of your body than a straight-flow jet.
  • Whirlpool jets – Typically seen in hydrotherapy pools to treat injuries, these jets have large, round openings. They concentrate water pressure on specific body areas – legs, back, etc. and provide a deep massage.

Today’s hot tub jets may be able to be manually positioned to suit different family members’, their ailments and various heights. .

Talk with us today if you are thinking of adding a hot tub to your swimming pool area. Decide, too, whether you want a stand alone hot tub or if you want to undertake a major renovation project and add a spa to one area of your existing swimming pool.

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