Is there anything as the “best” swimming pool? Yes, there is! The best pool is the one that you and your family want to have constructed and enjoy for decades to come. How to choose the best pool shape for your pool is something the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee talk with potential pool owners about all the time.

What makes a pool shape the best? There are a myriad of considerations and they range from the size of your family, the shape of your yard, the accessories you want to have in the pool and so on.

How to choose the best pool shape

A swimming pool construction project is exciting, especially when that first backhoe shovel hits the ground! The fun really starts during the planning process. That’s when you choose the building material, the shape, length, depth, accessories and deck and many other decisions that need to be made.

You will need to determine the building material for your pool: concrete, fiberglass or vinyl liner. Ask your pool contractor to give you a breakdown on the pros and cons of each. Your budget may determine what construction material you opt for.

If you know what pool shape you want, your pool contractor will let you know where that shape will fit into your yard and whether you have to remove any of your original landscaping to make it fit into the available yard space.

Here are questions to answer before you settle on a pool shape.

  • What size pool do you want?
  • How much yard space do you want to devote to it?
  • What is the sun pattern in the space the pool will be situated?
  • Do you want a poolside outdoor living area? Does the pool shape you’re considering lend itself to the rest of your plans?
  • Are there other features you want in and around the pool? A pool house, gazebo, outdoor kitchen, etc.
  • Do you want to save yard space for the children to play in?
  • Are there any family members with mobility issues? That may mean you’d want to consider a beach entry pool and those take up more space than one with steps or stairs
  • Will the pool be used for swimming laps or playing games and hosting parties?
  • Will you want to add a hot tub or spa?
  • How deep do you want the pool water?
  • Do you want a diving board or slide?

What are the building and zoning codes and what are the set back and fencing regulations your pool will need to adhere to?

Keep in mind that the shape of the pool will increase or decrease the pool construction cost. A straightforward rectangle pool may cost less than a pool with a unique shape.

Decide whether you want a traditional rectangle or kidney-shaped pool or if you want your pool to swoop around the existing landscape in your yard and offer intrigue and a unique appearance. Know that no matter what shape you choose your family swimming pool will be a place to make memories and enjoy a summer staycation.