Swimming pools have been traditionally been cleaned with chlorine or other chemicals. Salt water chlorinators are also another way to clean the water and kill off bacteria. Did you know you could clean a pool with oxygen? You can and the pool contractors from Advanced Poolcare in Fayette, TN explain how to clean a pool with oxygen.

In recent years, many pool owners are looking for a way to keep the pool water clean without having to swim in a chemical-filled swimming pool and oxygen is one way to do just that. There are benefits to cleaning the pool water with oxygen.

Oxygen pool cleaning system work by using the active form of oxygen — ozone gas – to oxidize waste material in the water. Oxygen cleans the water as thoroughly as chlorine but without potentially harmful chemicals. Pool owners who want to move away from using chlorine are embracing this system.

How to clean a pool with oxygen

When this cleaning system has been installed our customers know the water is cleaned through the use of ultraviolet rays. The water is exposed to the UV rays; oxygen (O2) molecules combine to form ozone and the water is cleaned. An ozone cleaning system will become part of your pool’s existing filtration system.

The water is cleaned in the ozone cells through ionization with electrical currents. The science behind this is that the ionized water will create positively-charged oxygen particles that interact with negatively-charged molecules and bacteria in the water. Naturally occurring silver and copper ions will also be released and kill bacteria.

The ozone is produced and works to destroy any bacteria that is floating in the water. Because your pool is home to organic and inorganic materials and contaminants you need to ensure the water is thoroughly and frequently cleaned. The people who use your pool bring contaminants into the water — body oils, dead skin, deodorants, hair sprays, dead skin cells, dirt and more.

If you’re exploring ways to clean your pool without using chemicals to do so, consider an oxygen system to keep the water clean, clear and swimmable and all without using chemicals.