Swimming pool ladders are a great way to get into and out of the swimming pool and they take up less space than adding in a beach entry or in pool steps. How to clean the swimming pool ladder is something the swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care professionals in Memphis, TN talk with their customers about all the time.

When you own a swimming pool you also “own” the responsibility of keeping the pool water clean. This means you also need to clean the accessories — like the pool ladder. It’s easy to skip cleaning thoroughly around the pool ladder. If you hire a pool service contractor he will remember to clean around the ladder but if you are a DIYer you may overlook this area when you clean.

How to clean the swimming pool ladder

Algae and bacteria spores can work their silent damage around and under the rungs, the fastenings of the pool ladder and behind it. That’s why you need to be diligent in brushing and cleaning all around the steps, on them, behind them, etc. At least once a month you need to set aside time to do a thorough and deep cleaning of this space.

Ask your pool contractor what is the best type of brush for your unique pool construction material. A gunite pool, vinyl liner and fiberglass pool all require different types of brushes and cleaning apparatus. You don’t want to damage the pool by using the wrong brush. When you’re cleaning the ladder you also want to make sure it’s not getting rusty and that there are no sharp edges.

Here are areas to check when cleaning the pool ladder.

  1. The pool ladder cups that connect the pool deck or edge. These stabilize the ladder.
  2. Make sure the fittings and fastenings are tight.
  3. Have an adult test the integrity of the ladder
  4. Test it frequently
  5. Pay attention to the spaces under, around and behind the steps to make sure you’re cleaning them thoroughly

Even if you’re a DIY pool maintenance person, you can certainly give us a call and we can pay a single service visit to give the pool a complete once-over, inspect the equipment and let you know how “healthy” it is and deep clean it for you.