Do you need to have a deck fashioned from concrete, paver stones or even wood? Not necessarily. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee talk about how to create a ‘deck’ out of grass.

You may not necessarily be “creating” a deck. You will be designing with thoughtfulness using your existing grass, planting more or even going with artificial grass as a way to landscape around the pool and use the grass that surrounds it as a deck.

How to create a ‘deck’ out of grass

If you want the look of long swaths of grass around your pool so there is no separation between ground and pool water, using grass as your deck is the way to go. A pool surrounded by grass has a natural, and more relaxing appearance, many pool owners say.

You can also mix hardscape with grass to create a unique look for the area surrounding the pool.

Here are some options for your grass deck:

  1. Natural grass. This has advantages because it will cost less than building a deck. However, if you don’t keep the grass watered it will become discolored, dry and unsightly. You may need to reseed on occasion. Natural grass will also need to be mowed and trimmed and you need to make certain you’re not getting grass in the pool water.
  2. Natural grass will make your pool look like it is naturally occuring rather than a man made structure.
  3. Natural grass will be cooler on your feet than would a rock or wooden deck.
  4. You will need to put time and effort into keeping the grass looking lush.
  5. Walking on grass and/or dirt could mean swimmers are tracking dirt and grass into the pool water.
  6. Artificial grass this won’t require any watering, but will likely cost more than natural grass planting
  7. It will not be as soft as natural grass.
  8. It won’t need to be watered.
  9. It is durable
  10. It may not look as natural as natural grass
  11. It will lose its color and lustre over the course of years and from the sunlight beating down on it regularly.
  12. Artificial turf can be slippery when wet.

  Grass — natural or artificial —isn’t necessarily something that is used regularly, but it can be a landscaping option you may want to talk with your pool contractor about.