How to design your swimming pool deck

Spring is just around the corner and that means that summer swim season will soon be upon us. Are you ready? Is your swimming pool deck ready? The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc in Memphis, Tennessee understand that when many swimming pool owners have a new pool constructed, they don’t always consider the time they will spend AROUND the pool as much as they think about the time they will spend IN the pool. How to design your swimming pool deck that can accommodate friends and family is something to consider during pool construction, even if you’re not going to have the deck built at that time. 

Because the pool contractors know this, they know that many pool owners will either want to plan for a deck along side the pool construction or they may have a deck constructed a year or so after the pool. This is a money-saving option that many pool owners opt for.

Having a deck upon which to relax and enjoy the pool or supervise those in the pool is considered a must, especially by those who had thought a deck didn’t really matter.

There are many things to consider for your deck:

  1. Its shape
  2. Its style
  3. The patio furniture you will have on it
  4. Whether you will want a roof or an open air deck
  5. And many other decisions

How to design your swimming pool deck

Once you and your pool contractor have designed the pool deck and it’s been constructed you will need to “equip” it for comfort and style. The patio furniture you choose will set the tone for the relaxation and/or party atmosphere of your pool area.

You will want to decide on the pool construction material: webbed furniture, overstuffed cushions, plastic or steel or wooden furniture are among your many options.

Pool furniture: As mentioned your options are vastly unique and you can also choose from wrought iron or cypress ir cedar, durable and popular choices for outdoor furniture. Cedar and cypress withstand water and chlorine that will be dripped on them. These woods also age well and with proper care can last for decades — well worth the up front investment. If you want to save money on furniture, look for aluminum frame furniture; this is an option that is hardy enough to weather pool water and the out doors.

Cushions or not? When you are making furniture decisions you will want to decide whether you want cushions on the furniture or if you will but furniture that is comfortable enough without cushions. If you want cushions, look for materials that will withstand pool water and outdoor weather. Look for cushions that are quick dry and easy to clean. 

The color and style of cushions you invest in for your furniture can truly set the pool deck area apart from the rest of your home or you can invest in furniture and cushions that complement the home. Look for cushions that have covers you can remove and replace if you want to change up the aesthetic of the pool deck area without doing a full remodel.

Other options for your deck may include a fire or water feature or a combination of the two. A fire feature is ideal for both aesthetic reasons and for warmth when summer is waning. Ask us to design a pool deck that could incorporate a fire feature even if you don’t have it installed during the initial deck project.

When designing your swimming pool deck, make certain you think about how much furniture you want, how much space it will take up on the deck and that you have enough room to maneuver the pool deck. You certainly don’t want it to be too cluttered, nor do you want there to be no place for friends and family to sit and relax with you.


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