Want to get in shape? Worried about jumping into a fitness routine that will potentially cause an injury? Worried that you’re too out of shape to do any type of exercise? Don’t fret! We have tips for how to get fit in your pool — and without worry about injury or pain to your muscles and joints from any jarring on-land exercise.

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc can help build the pool of your dreams and keep the water clean, bacteria-free and always ready for you to jump in and swim a few laps or jog from side to side for a good aerobic workout.

A swim workout can be great fun for the entire family and it won’t even feel like exercise — trust us! We know that not everyone likes to sweat it out in a gym or go for a jog and with the coronavirus pandemic still holding the country in its grip you may want to stick close to home.

Swimming is an amazing option for staying physically fit and the entire family — no matter their age or health condition (as long as your doctor approves) can participate in. Swimming pool contractors in Tipton, Tennessee are seeing an increase in pool construction requests and projects because people have been spending so much time at home lately and they want to enjoy themselves in their own homes.

How to get fit in your pool

A swim workout gives your entire body a healthful form of exercise. Here are some swim strokes and exercises to try:

  1. The breast stroke
  2. The crawl
  3. The back crawl (great for shoulder workouts)
  4. Jogging from side to side
  5. Using a kickboard to get from one end to the other — great leg workout
  6. Playing games such as basketball or volleyball with the children
  7. Water aerobics — check out youtube for inspiration

Swimming boosts your metabolism and builds muscles and cardiac strength. Swimming is also an ideal way to burn calories without risking injury. Experts claim you can burn between five hundred to seven hundred calories by swimming for at least an hour.

If you want to have more fun and get in better shape in your swimming pool give us a call!