There is no doubt that getting in shape takes work. There is also no better way to get in shape than by exercising int he family swimming pool. We have tips on how to get healthy in your pool this summer. If you have been sedentary and now want to get moving, this is the best type of exercise because it doesn’t put any stress or strain on your muscles and joints.

You may want to talk with your doctor before you jump in and start exercising, but we bet he or she will give you a resounding yes! The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis Tennessee work with potential pool owners to help them get the best pool for their needs, their money and their exercise routines!

How to get healthy in your pool this summer

Here are a few exercises to get you started on your way to regular water-based workouts.

  1. Swim. Yep, that simple. Get in and swim some laps. If you’re not a strong swimmer, don’t swim the length of the pool, swim the width. Start slowly then work your way up to longer swim sessions and to swimming more laps.
  2. Aerobics. You can perform aerobics in the shallow end of the pool and they are much the same as the exercises you’d do in an aerobics class. You can do leg lifts, run in place, run from side to side, stretch and more.
  3. Use pool noodles or water weights to amp up the resistance of the water when you’re swimming. When you use the resistance the water naturally provides, it enhances anything you do in the water.
  4. Kickboards. Grab a kickboard, hold on to the edges then use your legs to kick yourself back and forth. This is a great workout for your glutes.
  5. Play games. If you have friends or family, get them involved in playing games in the pool. Basketball, volleyball, treasure hunt, Marco Polo and more are all fun games that make a workout routine, not as much work as it is play!

When you’re in a swimming pool you can get a workout without breaking a sweat and probably without any risk of injury. If you’re in the midst of a new pool project or a remodel or if you just want to know more about pool workout equipment, give us a call and let’s help you find the right workout equipment for your needs!