How to get in shape in your swimming pool

Are you looking for a way to get in shape when you have been neglecting your health and well-being for some time. How to get in shape in your swimming pool is something you can talk with your doctor about. He will probably say that swimming is an ideal way to get in shape — especially if you’re new to exercising because swimming is an exercise that offers resistance as well as cushioning your bones and joints against injury.

There are many advantages to a swimming pool workout routine — not the least of which is the low impact way to get in shape. Here are some reasons to consider a pool workout. The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee understand that pools are the best place to have fun AND get in shape! 

How to get in shape in your swimming pool

Buoyancy: Swimming provides buoyancy and cushions your body against impact on joints and muscles. When you’re waist deep in the pool you “weigh” 50 percent less than you do on land. Going chest deep in the water decreases your weight an additional 25%. This is helpful for individuals who are overweight and for whom a land exercise could lead to immense stress and strain on their joints.

Resistance: When you swim the resistance of the water amps up your exercise benefits. Exercising in the pool more quickly builds muscle strength and endurance. A swim workout enhances lung capacity and is a better cardio vascular workout. 

Other things to consider for your swim workout. 

It’s fun: When you think of working out you probably don’t look forward to pounding the pavement or peddling your bike, but when you swim, a workout doesn’t seem like work. Even in the heat of a summer day, swimming won’t work you into an overheated sweat. 

Stay hydrated: When you are jogging or riding your bike you will feel thirsty. For many people, swimming laps doesn’t seem to invoke the “thirsty” feeling. You do want to stay hydrated when you’re swimming because it is easy to get dehydrated even though that may seem counterintuitive because you’re surrounded by water! 

Talk with your doctor before you begin exercising then talk with us to discover accessories you can use to enhance the quality of your swimming pool workout. 

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