No one wants to head out for a soak in the hot tub only to find it unuseable. If you see mold, the hot tub and swimming pool service contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Tennessee can tell you how to get mold out of hot tub or they can take care of that task for you.

How does mold even get into the hot tub? How can mold get into your hot tub? The cause could be clogged pipes. In order to determine what the culprit is, you may want to give your pool contractor a call and we can come out and inspect it and get to the cause, repair and and get you back to soaking.

How to get mold out of hot tub

Algae could also be the reason for mold in the hot tub water. Until the mold is cleared up, the hot tub should be considered off limits until a pool contractor from Advanced Pool Care pays a visit, drains the hot tub and cleans the pipes, washes it and refills and sanitizes the water.

How does mold get into the hot tub?

The mold can get into the water because the pipes are dirty. It can also fall in from the hot tub cover and grow in the warm, moist atmosphere. Inspect the hot tub cover frequently as that is an ideal breeding ground for mold.

Ask us how to keep the hot tub cover clean so mold doesn’t contaminate the water. Use caution when cleaning and disinfecting the cover because any left over cleaning residue can contaminate the water as well. Don’t forget to use a mold inhibitor after the hot tub cover has been thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning mold and mildew out of a hot tub will usually take a shorter time than does getting algae out of a swimming pool. You will have to practice patience though and spend time in the pool, rather than the hot tub until your pool contractor has addressed the issue.