How to have an eco-friendly swimming pool

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee talk with new pool and hot tub owners and how to have an eco-friendly swimming pool and live a more environmentally friendly life in the backyard. Many pool owners are looking for ways to be more eco-friendly and to have their families spend less time in chemical-laden waters. They also want to use fewer fossil fuels as a way to help the environment and save money.

No matter your reasons for wanting to be environmentally-friendly, we have tips and advice to help you move your backyard living to a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

How to have an eco-friendly swimming pool

The concept of eco friendly swimming pools and spas is gaining in popularity across the country and in Memphis, Tennessee. An eco-friendly swimming pool and/or spa brings with it the advantages of rejuvenating spa treatments with the goodness of nature.

A spa therapy experience in your own backyard is both medicinal and relaxing. A hot tub soak or swimming long, leisurely laps in the pool bring you to the mindset of being in a resort, but you don’t have to fight traffic or deal with crowds or people in the pool or hot tub when you want to be in it.

If having an eco- or more environmentally friendly pool or spa experience is something you and your family are yearning for, talk with us and we can offer you ways to make it a reality. In case you weren’t aware, a soak in a hot tub or spa can help with¬†health iisues including¬†arthritis, diabetes, leg and back pain. A soak or a swim alleviates stress after a hard day at work or in the cold days of winter. Hydrotherapy has myriad benefits and when you use natural oils in a diffuser and surround the hot tub and swimming pool with potted plants, succulents, aroma therapy scents and the soothing flicker of candle light you are adding a natural, relaxing touch to your spa session.

Planning for an eco-friendly spa and pool experience means you need to work with a pool and spa contractor who not only understands the technologies, but who also believes in helping pool and spa owners make the switch to this pool methodology.

Don’t forget to ask us about the many different features you can have included in your pool or hot tub to enhance the eco-friendly and relaxation experience. A switch to a salt water pool chlorination system will also help you use fewer chemicals and enhance the experience. Add ons and accessories for the hot tub itself include the seating, neck and back support, the jets (placement and type) and massaging features.

What are you looking for in your pool and hot tub experience? What aspects of pool and hot tub ownership do you want to make more eco-friendly?

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