Swimming pools! Swimming pool in your own backyard. Need we say more when it comes to having fun at your home? If you had a pool and were in quarantine for the past year, like many of us were, your swimming pool was the family hot spot and a way to enjoy yourselves without having to leave your house — because you couldn’t!

Now that the country is opening back up and you might be back and work and the children back in school, it’s time to step back and ask yourself how to have more fun in your swimming pool. There are fun things you can do that won’t break the bank and there are items that will cost money and may mean you can’t use the pool for a while and there is an entire gamut in betwee.

Talk with your swimming pool contractor from Advance Pool Care in Memphis, Tennessee when he or she comes to clean and service your family swimming pool. You may even want to cast your gaze to the area surrounding the pool in addition to the pool itself.

How to have more fun in your swimming pool

Let’s cover a few steps you can take and activities you can plan to make your pool more fun, and to make time spent at home even more fun!  

  • Don’t go in once the sun goes down. Plan a backyard camp out. Pitch tents. Cook your dinner over an open flame. Toast marshmallows. Tell ghost stories or even watch movies under the stars.
  • Go for a night swim. If you have in pool swimming lights taking a swim in the night time is safer. Night swimming just seems more peaceful and relaxing — we think.
  • Make sure your pool side space is comfortable and inviting. Do you need more or better furniture? Do you need storage space?
  • Plant a garden in the space surrounding the pool. Why not plant a fairy garden. You can plant a fairy garden in a planter, or in a tiny plot of land next to the pool, surrounding the roots of a tree or even between your other landscaped areas. Plant some succulents, a gnome or fairy or two and even twinkling solar fairy lights.
  • Get some in pool games like a volley ball net, basketball hoop or a floating pin pong ball set.
  • Ask us about a fire pit or fire feature. Let’s talk about local ordinances and where you might safely put a firepit or fire feature.
  • Look to your pool for upgrades if you have the time and budget. A diving board or slide is a great addition. Sprinkler systems or a waterfall. Let’s talk if you’re looking for a major upgrade.

We know what is available to make pooltime even more fun this summer.