The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pool Care in Memphis, Tennessee understand that diving into a swimming pool project is a daunting task. It is expensive and can be time-consuming BUT when the project is done you have a place for decades that you can enjoy, build memories and have an idea staycation spot! We have tips for how to hire a swimming pool contractor in Memphis, Tennessee that will help you no matter where you live!

Swimming pools, we know, are something our customers love to have, especially in the heat of a Memphis, Tennessee summer, right? We also know that when we first meet with a potential swimming pool owner, they have so many questions and we have the answers and experience to walk you through the entire process from idea to finish to ongoing pool care and maintenance. We are there for you for the entire process and that is a comfort and offers customers peace of mind.

How To Hire A Swimming Pool Contractor In Memphis

Once the swimming pool is an idea in your thoughts, you can reach out to us and let us know:

  1. What is your budget. We need to know that up front so we can take your ideas of what you want and turn them into reality. We don’t want you to have an idea for a $150,000 pool but your budget is $50,000. We can take your ideas and work it into the budget you have so you have the pool of your dreams.
  2. Where will you put it? We can help determine that by showing you aerial views.
  3. How big do you want/need it to be?
  4. What will you use it for? Recreational swimming? Lap swimming? A combination?
  5. What are complete must haves and what are items you’d like to have but not having them won’t hamper your enjoyment This will help us ensure you get the pool you want.
  6. What do you think you want or need for your outside pool living space? Will you have that constructed right now? We do know that people spend more time around the pool than they do in it so you may want to factor in your living space into the project.

We can help educate you on pool maintenance — those daily, weekly, monthly and annual tasks. The pool water needs to be kept clean and the chemicals properly balanced. Improperly balanced chemicals can damage the equipment, discolor the pool and even make you or those who use your pool ill.

Once the pool has been constructed, here is what’s required for maintenance and upkeep. And we can certainly help you or if you’re a DIYer, we can show you how!

  1. Weekly maintenance includes chlorine addition. Chlorine kills bacteria and other micro-organisms that might make the water unhealthy for swimming.
  2. Chemicals will also be added during the weekly maintenance visit to prevent the growth of algae. To keep the pool from becoming cloudy chemicals will be added.
  3. Periodic maintenance is something the pool from Advanced Pool Care checks and cleans iltering systems to make certain it isn’t clogged with debris.
  4. Pumps and electrical systems will also be checked to make certain they are in optimal running condition.

Even if you hire us to take the pool maintenance off your hands, you should plan to skim off any fallen debris before it falls to the bottom of the pool. You will want to empty the skimmer basket and be diligent in keeping the pool cover on as that will keep out debris and make our — or your — cleaning job easier.