Not too many cats like to be in or around water. There are some breeds of cats though that don’t mind water — Bengals, Devon Rex and cats who simply like to drink out of moving water. Water that is moving is considered, by wildlife, to be safer than standing water. Chlorinated swimming pool water, though isn’t safe for cats. How to keep cats safe around the pool may involve using a pool cover when the pool isn’t at use and putting up a fence they can’t slip through or scale.

The swimming pool contractors from Advanced Pools, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee work with pool owners to put safety measures in place for both cats and dogs. Many pool owners who also have dogs find their dogs may want to join them in the water and they need to be prepared and have safety steps in place to prevent any accidents or injuries to their pets.

 How to keep cats safe around the pool

Cats are notoriously known for their avoidance of water, but as we mentioned there are those curious cats who can’t help themselves and may want to splash in the water or even lie around and spend time with their family poolside. It is the rare cat who will let an owner put a safety vest on it to protect it if it falls into the pool, but if your cat will, you may want to consider that.

A cat may fall into the water purely by accident. If there is a tree overhanging the pool, they could fall into the pool. If they can wriggle through the safety fence and a pool cover isn’t on the pool, they may get curious at a leaf bobbing around on the surface of the water and try to grab it.

Cat pool safety tips are similar to dog safety tips and include:

  • Know that feral or outdoor cats (and other wildlife) will be drawn to the pool and to drink from it. If that’s the case, put out a dish of non chlorinated water for them to drink.
  • Install a pool ramp in case your cat falls into the water it could get out. Keep in mind, though if the cat doesn’t know the ramp is there, he won’t use it. If you worry your cat will fall into the pool, show him where the ramp is and how to use it. Yes, cats can be trained.
  • If your cat falls into the pool, scoop him out but be careful of getting clawed if he is scared. Dry him off and dry his ears.
  • Always use a swimming pool safety cover. This will keep children, wild life and your pets from falling in.

If you have questions about pet safety, talk with us the next time we pay a service visit and let’s get some pet safety measures in place.