How to prepare for a spring pool opening

Have you been checking off the days on the calendar to when you can call your swimming pool contractor from Advanced Pools, Inc in Memphis, TN to plan your pool opening, now is the time! How to prepare for a spring pool opening is a simple matter when you work with an experienced swimming pool contractor.

If the temperatures where you live are rising and if you believe that spring has finally arrived and you’re ready to get into your swimming pool, give us a call now. If you wait until summer has truly made its appearance, you may find yourself having to wait to get on the schedule for a pool opening. You certainly don’t want to miss out on precious swim time because your pool contractor is busy — earlier is better than later, most pool owners say!

How to prepare for a spring pool opening

What can you do to prepare for the swimming pool opening? 

Check pool supplies. If you are a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to pool maintenance and upkeep, check your supplies to make certain you have enough on hand and to make certain they haven’t expired. Stock up on your supplies for the season so you’re ready to go!

Clean up the pool cover and any debris around the pool. If there are fallen leaves and other debris that has collected around the pool and on the cover, clean this area off before you open the pool and definitely before you remove the cover.

Take off the cover. Once the pool cover has been cleared of standing water and debris, remove it. Set it aside, but don’t store it until you have thoroughly cleaned both sides. Store the cover once it’s dry; storing a wet cover will lead to mold growth.

Inspect the pool and its equipment. When you work with a pool contractor, he will inspect the pool and its equipment before he turns everything on for the season. If you’re doing it yourself you will want to remove freeze plugs from surface skimmers and restore any directional fittings. Inspect the pump and filter for any potential winter freeze damage. Inspect worn parts and replace them if necessary. Inspect the pool plaster or vinyl liner for any chips or rips or tears. Make sure the pool tiles are clean and remove any calcium stains or scale and build up before you open the pool for the season.

Test the water. Before you jump into the newly opened pool you will want to shock the water. Test the pool water chemicals. Add chemicals and run the pump for 24-48 hours to circulate all of the chemicals. Test the water again and if it’s in balance and the water is warm enough, jump in!

Call us if you want to get on our schedule for a spring swimming pool opening. We still have spots available!


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