Bbbrrrr. It’s too cold for the swimming pool and chances are you had to winterized before the temperature dropped. If you have a hot tub, this is the time of year when the hot tub usage skyrockets! How to safely use the hot tub in winter is something that may seem like a no brainer but you need to pre-plan for time spent in the hot tub this winter. If you’re using your hot tub or spa this winter, reach out to us because we can clean, maintain and service your hot tub and keep the water bacteria-free throughout the entire season.

Soaking in a hot tub in your backyard in the winter — especially when the snow is flying — is relaxing, luxurious and helps take the chill out of your bones. In the winter, the cold weather makes a hot tub soak one of the most enjoyable ways to spend a chilly day.

If you’re going to use your hot tub this winter season, make sure you use it safely and wisely.

How To Safely Use The Hot Tub In Winter

  1. Clear off the cover before you remove it. If you don’t clear off the snow and ice, it will fall into the water, cool it down and put the water chemistry out of balance. Use a soft broom and remove any standing snow. Vacuum off standing water. Slowly remove the cover once you have cleaned it off.
  2. Staying warm once you’re done soaking. You’ve been in the heated and jetted depths and are warmed up and the aches and pains have been washed away. What happens, though when you want to get out of the hot tub? Do you want to make a mad dash in the frigid air toward the house? Probably not because if you do that you will have negated the relaxation you just enjoyed. Invest in a towel heater. When you are ready to get out of the hot tub, grab the heated towel and wrap yourself in it. Slip your feet into boots or comfortable shoes so you’re not walking on the cold icy ground. Comfort is key.
  3. Keep the water temperature at an even keel. It is going to be tempting to crank up the hot tub water temperature and that could be unsafe. Don’t turn the water temperature above 104 degrees. When you’re in the hot tub in the heated water your body can’t regulate itself and you can easily overheat and get dehydrated.

Limit your soaks to fifteen minute intervals. Don’t drink too much alcohol because that could also lead to dehydration or lightheadedness. Don’t ever use the hot tub or spa alone! Enjoy your time in the hot tub and spa safely this winter.